Hola Hola in Barcelona!

Last week Heidi put her job on the line and squeezed in some extra vacation time to come visit!  Anabel translated her nickname of Hihi to Holahola and didn’t leave her side the entire time she was here 🙂


We spent a lot of time hanging out drinking wine and eating queso and jamon but did get in a day touring the old city:

IMG_8082-1 IMG_8115-1

And then a Gaudi day starting with Sagrada Familia.  It was Anabel’s first time seeing the inside of the “silly church” (she was “so excited”!!) and it was her first time using her new camera.  Who better to teach her how to use it??

IMG_8117-1 IMG_8123

Then we went up to Parc Guell – great views of the city and lots of fun:

IMG_4720 IMG_4252-1 IMG_4244-1 IMG_4219

It turns out that there was some sort of festival in our neighborhood for the weekend (we never really found out what it was for except that every neighborhood seems to have them throughout the year).  We were surprised by fireworks coming down our street Saturday night, ran to the terrace and saw there was a Carrefoc, so ran downstairs to check it out!  The next day we walked toward the subway and there were crowds in front of Sagrada Familia watching the Castellers (human tower competition) – amazing to see.  The kids climbing to the top looked Anabel’s age.  There was a big street fair with food and shops and rides so we spent most of the day hanging out there!

IMG_8184 IMG_8214 IMG_8227

I am trying to figure out how to create a link to my Mylio albums because I have another 100 photos of Heidi’s visit (narrowed down from 3 times as many!) but since this isn’t really a photo journal website no luck so far!  Here is the best (just because it’s a selfie!):


By the way…

I’ve realized that instead of a blog I should really be keeping a photo journal…  Josh is the better blogger.  But for now I am going to keep pretending like it is my photo journal and Josh will continue blogging!  We’ve also realized that for 2 people who don’t work and whose daughter is in school all day it’s crazy that we don’t have enough time to keep up with it no matter what we call it!

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1 Response to Hola Hola in Barcelona!

  1. Heidi C says:

    I love this so much! And I want the link to Mylio so I can see all the other pics too. Also – check out Storehouse – it’s a VERY cool photo journalling app. Dev used to work there and is still on the Advisory Board.


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